Features & Benefits

Features and Benefits

The Internet has changed PR forever. It is no longer necessary to invest thousands of dollars to get your business recognized by the press. In fact, in the era of Google and blogs, customers and reporters alike turn to the Web first.

Upstate Wire offers the opportunity to promote your news online for free and to targeted publications at a reduced rate.

Features: Increased Business Exposure
- Post press releases online for free
- Opt-in to having your press release broadcasted to key publications

Benefits: Reach Customers, Reach Google
- Upstate Wire receives thousands of visits each day, providing valuable exposure for your business
- People aren't the only ones visiting Upstate Wire. Search engines crawl the site and follow links to discover information about your business that can help your site rank higher on search results

Why Search Engines Matter
Search engines drive the majority of web traffic. Inbound links maximize your website's performance on search engines, acting as website "votes" and helping the website appear higher in search results. More quality links means higher rankings and higher rankings means more visitors finding your website.

With Upstate Wire, you can include several links back to your website to give added exposure to multiple pages and topics.