Released: on November 27, 2013

Christophe's To Go is now opening New Stores for Customers to Visit

Since its founding, Christophe's To Go has been focused on providing high-quality, gourmet take-home meals for families of any size. Customers have already had the opportunity to enjoy more than thirty different dishes, each portioned in various serving sizes and priced to beat the competition. Now, more people than ever before can access this convenient way of getting their meals through the new locations that Christophe's has opened.

Everything began with the Johns Creek location, where many people had their first opportunity to experience the convenience of delicious take-home meals rivaling those served by sit-down restaurants. Straightforward portion sizes made sure that customers could always get exactly the amount of food they needed, while the environmentally-friendly containers were designed for freezer and oven alike, allowing meals to be purchased well ahead of time and prepared as needed.

This has been followed with the opening of two new locations, each of which has their own distinct benefits. The Sandy Springs location has expanded the access already available through the main store, and the Brookhaven location has continued the spread of Christophe's To Go and created the Food Take Out service that many people have been looking for - healthy, affordable, and easier than many people have imagined was possible.

Each of the Christophe's To Go locations is open daily from ten in the morning to seven at night, offering plenty of time for people to stop in during the day and pick up everything from a small side dish to enough food for the whole family. From soups and salads to full-course dinners, visitors can get the food they want at any time the doors are open.

Christophe's To Go strongly believes in empowering customers with information, which is why nutrition information and allergy warnings are prominently displayed in each store. No preservatives are used in any of the meals that are made; only fresh, healthy ingredients that are designed to be as attractive to the eyes as they are healthy for the body. In addition, many of the items on the menu are certified as organic. While no individual diets are available, customers are welcome to reference the nutrition information at any time and work to create their own diet based on the meals that the Personal Chef Atlanta residents have been waiting for has made.

Christophe's To Go is proud to be able to open new locations and help more people than ever before fit high-quality food into their diets without the time it takes to prepare meals at home or the expense of casual restaurants.


Since its founding, Christophe's To Go has been dedicated to providing healthy, wholesome, delicious meals for each and every customer that walks through the doors. Fresh food is made in each location on a daily basis by chefs trained to the high expectations that Christophe's To Go has. For more information, visit Christophe's To Go on the web at and see the meals and prices currently available at each location.

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