Released: on August 9, 2013

Take A Unique Holiday With A Country Cottage In Cornwall Rental

When you are ready for your next vacation, why not enjoy a change of pace and go on a rural escape to a stunning country cottage in Cornwall . With fully equipped self-catering cottages, you and yours can enjoy a relaxing and serene holiday at all of our cottages Watergate Bay. Whether you are looking for a family gathering, or a romantic holiday for two, we can provide you with a stunning St. Mawgan cottage that is sure to suit your every need.

St. Teresa's is at the heart of St. Mawgan, and proffers the most incredibly unspoiled and gorges countryside villages. All of our cottages have been thoroughly renovated, to provide you with the most exemplary, five-star rated accommodations available anywhere in Cornwall. Our country cottage Cornwall is only a very short drive from the coast, where you can enjoy the lovely beaches of Watergate Bay anytime you like.

If you opt for a cottage Mawgan porth, you will not be disappointed as they proffer four bedrooms, two bathrooms a warm and comfortable lounge and an extremely modern kitchen area. We are also proud to showcase our enchanting gardens for you to enjoy. Our St. Mawgan cottages are truly a stunning self-catering accommodation in an enchanting area of Cornwall.

It does not end there however, because we also provide stellar country cottages located near Mawgan Porth, which offers a unique setting within St. Mawgan itself. With an exemplary array of shops, tearooms, greenery and more, you can also discover St. Mawgan's award-winning pub and enjoy your favorite libation. With family-friendly surfing beaches close by, your cottage Watergate Bay is extremely close to all of the major attractions.

With exemplary fine dining and renowned attractions such as the Eden Project, Jamie Oliver's Fifteen, Extreme Academy and more, all of our country cottages in Cornwall provide something for everyone. Whether you are a walker, jogger, biker or any other type of outdoors person, the unique and intricate network of footpaths are sure to intrigue you and yours. With connections to the Southwest Coast, you can discover beautifully green and intricate walkways that lead to the Bay.

St. Teresa's cottage is rich with history, and is located on the extraordinary Lanherne Convent estate, which dates back to the late 1800s. Although completely refurbished to the highest standards, we made certain to retain the original character to ensure that this spectacular building would be truly appreciated for many generations to come. Because of our thoughtful renovations, St. Teresa's has been awarded a five-star Enjoy England Award, which is a mark of true prestige.

Therefore, when it comes time for your next holiday, we encourage you to check out our fully renovated and stunning country cottages in Cornwall. You can log onto the Internet and check out the variety of St. Mawgan cottages that we offer for rent at, or contact us by phone at 0844-7046-518. If you already know which cottage you would like to book for your next holiday, you can visit our online booking website at, or call them directly at 0844-7046-518.

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