Released: on November 15, 2011

The Future For International Removals Is Bright

England - 04/11/2011 - Despite the recession international removals is still a growing industry

For most industries the recession has been disastrous as customers cut back on services. However, certain sectors of the service industry are bucking this trend. The UKs international removals firms are amongst theses they have in fact experienced some modest growth over the past few years. At the same time domestic removals firms have seen their workload fall off steadily.

The biggest reason international removers have not suffered a drop in business has been expats returning to theUK. This wave of returning expats has in part been fuelled by fear of the recession, but that is far from the only reason. Historically expats last 3 to 7 years before wanting to move back to their home country. In the early 2000s moreUK residents moved abroad than ever before. Many of them have reached the end of the cycle they have tired of their new countries and decided to move back to theUK.

The cost of living in many other countries, in particular European countries, has risen sharply in recent years. Combined with a weak pound many expats have had no choice but to move back to theUK. Add to that the fact that many expats are quite elderly and you get a good flow of people hiring international removals firms to move them back to theUK.

People seeking greener pastures improve prospects for international removers
The next wave of customers for international removers is expected to come from the corporate sector as firms re-locate in an effort to cut their overheads. Corporate jobs are large jobs, so it does not take too many of these to provide healthy profits for the removals industry. A recent survey of entrepreneurs who moved their businesses abroad showed that 70% felt the move had worked for them, suggesting more will soon join them.

Bishops Move, one of the UKs most experienced international removals firms, see entrepreneurs looking to move their business abroad as a growth area. However, they also expect to see private individuals to look again at moving abroad as the recession cuts deeper in the UK.

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