Released: on June 18, 2007

Mediasation Introduces 3Clicks to Give

Mediasation, a Greenville-based web development firm, has introduced 3Clicks to Give, a web-based application that enables hospitals and other non-profit organizations to develop and manage secure online fundraising drives. The firm unveiled 3Clicks to Give this month at the Association of Healthcare Philanthropy’s Southeast Regional Conference in Chattanooga, TN.

“3Clicks to Give enables any organization to capitalize on e-philanthropy and transform online giving into ongoing relationships and doing so at a minimal cost,” says Ryan Beck, principal of Mediasation. “We designed the application to make it easy to start a branded campaign, manage donations, and grow support of your organization, all with three clicks of a mouse.”

3Clicks to Give merges innovative automation with philanthropy, offering organizations an unprecedented way to conduct customized virtual fundraisers that drive donations, raise awareness, and enhance donor relationships. Among the most exciting aspects of 3Clicks to Give for organizations:

* Streamline donation process – no physical storage is required since all items donated through 3Clicks remain in a “virtual storage room” until they are needed.
* Specify items in need – with the back-end catalog, the organization can outline the types of items – from therapeutic equipment to clothing to birthday parties – that are needed, ensuring all items can be used and are appropriate and safe.
* Integrate donors into database – 3Clicks captures donor information and provides for integration of this data into donor management systems.
* Expansion of awareness – online giving is at its height; until 3Clicks, securing donations has never been easier or more cost-effective. Plus, donors have the ability to begin their own drive in support of your organization, further promoting your cause.

Visitors to these online fundraising sites simply purchase items from a catalog much the same way as any other e-commerce site. When a donation is made, the proceeds are reserved for the donated item, enabling the host organization to purchase items on an as-needed basis.

To register with 3Clicks to Give and get e-philanthropy under way for your organization, visit



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