Released: on March 26, 2013

Sales of Online Garden Products Set to Double

England 22/03/2013 - Increasingly UK gardeners are buying their gardening products from the internet

Most people are aware that more and more of what UK consumers buy is being bought via the internet. However, they are often surprised by which products are generating the most on-line sales. For example, Turf and Stuff, who sell turf, soil, firewood and other bulky garden, or outdoor related, products, have seen sales soar in the past few years.

To many the idea that people would order gardening products online seems strange. However, in reality it is actually quite natural that they would do so.

UK gardeners have a long history of buying their gardening products remotely. As early as the 1860s UK gardeners were buying seeds using mail order. Doing so allowed them to get their hands on a far wider range of seeds than before. It allowed them to stretch their wings and plant their gardens with a huge range of plants. Ordinary people enjoyed the same richness and variety that the rich had enjoyed by sending plant collectors to other countries to bring back specimens.

The habit of buying gardening products remotely is a long held one for British gardeners. When the option buy from the web UK gardeners were ready for it and welcomed the chance to buy this way.

A report in AMA showed that in 2006, online sales for the gardening sector were already running at 100m. By 2012, sales had tripled to 300m. This was a growth rate of around 15% a year. The industry expects that by 2016 sales will reach 425m.

The web is a practical way to buy heavy bulky gardening products
Firms who sell bulky products like those on offer from Turf and Stuff should continue to sell their online sales grow. For most consumers this is by far the most convenient and practical way to buy bulky, and heavy products. The fact that they now sell firewood will also help their business. As more and more people swap their traditional gas and electric fires for wood burning ones the firewood market will expand. Sales of play sand and play bark, which they also sell, are also growing.

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