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March 2, 2013, OAKVILLE, ON CANADA - Subaru Canada is the proud recipient of three Canadian Residual Value Awards from ALG - the forecasting benchmark behind residual values and industry insights. At the Canadian International Auto Show, Subaru took the Residual Value Awards in the Midsize Utility, Compact Car and Sports car categories for its Outback, Impreza and BRZ models respectively.

ALG chooses the award recipients following careful evaluation of vehicle criteria; based on industry trends, performance and segment competition. ALG'S Residual Value Awards recognize and honor the vehicles that are predicted to retain the highest percentage of MSRP following a three-year period for luxury brands and a four-year period for mainstream brands. This year's awards went to 2013 model year vehicles and were divided into the standard 22 vehicle segments.

This was the third consecutive year that the Subaru Outback claimed the Midsize Utility Vehicle award and the fifth consecutive year the Subaru Impreza held onto its title at the top of the Compact Car segment. ALG noted that Subaru Outback maintains incentive and daily rental fleet sales at a minimum, while the Impreza boasts impressive fuel economy. Subaru's flagship all-wheel-drive feature comes at a minimal price premium which helped boost the 2013 Impreza to the top of a very competitive segment.

"For all consumers, residual value represents a complete indicator of vehicle value, taking into account quality, durability and brand desirability," said Larry Dominique, President of ALG. "The Canadian Residual Value Awards recognize those brands and products that are using the best business practices to protect the value of their vehicles."

One of the new contenders in the Sports Car segment category was the 2013 Subaru BRZ, which received the highest honors for successfully fusing style and a fun driving experience with impressive fuel economy and other more practical features. Japanese brands once again seem to have stolen the show as among other mainstream brands, Subaru ranked second overall behind Honda, with Mazda rounding out the top three.

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