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Get your concepts cleared on Macros by joining the online training offered by Multisoft Virtual Academy

Noida, 13 July 2017

A macro is a unique feature present in Microsoft Excel that is very helpful in automating repetitive tasks. Multisoft Virtual Academy feels thrilled to announce its Macros online training that will provide the candidate familiarity with the Macros and will show how to create simple macros. In this training, the candidate will also learn how to share macros between workbooks, easily access macros with the help of keyboard shortcuts, create non-recordable VBA codes, and much more. The macros online training and the knowledge gained through it is considered beneficial for the professionals who aspire a future in the domain of data analytics. In addition to this, report creators and decision makers are also meant to be equally benefitted from this training. After the completion of the training, you will be able to comprehend the following:

How to create and Execute Macro?
What is the structure of an Excel workbook from VBA point of view?
Identify Sequential Steps of Programming
Excel VBA Objects- Workbook Object, Worksheet Object & Range Object
How and when to use variables to store information?
Understanding of Object Oriented Programming
What is Flow Chart, Process and Attribute?
Understanding of Life Cycle of Programming

Why choose Multisoft Virtual Academy for learning Macros?

There are different ways to learn Macros, but the online training from Multisoft Virtual Academy proves to be additionally beneficial because of certain reasons. First and foremost being the fact that Multisoft Virtual Academy provides you a platform to learn Macros online at any time or place that suits you the best. In this way, you can learn in a distraction free environment and with your own learning pace. A knowledgeable trainer is also provided to you who can enhance your learning process on the subject matter. The authentic Microsoft course ware is provided to you and that too is available 24/7 so that you can go through it in your free time. All the attractive attributes of this training along with the ones that are mentioned above are summarized below:

Instructor-Led Online Training
Qualified trainers who hold deep domain knowledge and expertise
Course content with 24/7 availability
Practice Exercises and Mock Tests to judge or evaluate your knowledge
Labs and online servers for practice purpose

Get to know more about the training offered on Macros by clicking on the website link given below:

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