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How to prevent eye damage by reading eBooks?

The eBook has been introduced as an alternative to the traditional book and so that our eyesight does not suffer with reading we have to follow some guidelines offered.

Can eBooks hurt us in plain sight? No, as long as we follow the recommendations of the ophthalmologists: we have to maintain a distance of about 30 cm between the eBook (or the digital book) and the eyes, we will try to use natural light and rest a few minutes every hour. In addition, we must bear in mind that if we use a smartphone or a tablet, the lighting conditions of the screen are different.

Does our sight suffer when reading? Do you suffer more when we read the traditional book or when we read in the eBook?Reading is not bad for the vision. The eyes are like muscles, which are made to work and the eye is made to work. Reading in a book on paper or in an electronic book, after all, is exactly the same because the eBook uses electronic ink that does not cause oscillations on the screen and does not modify the reading with respect to paper. The eBook, in addition, has the advantage that we can modify the size of the letter and can be even more comfortable than the traditional book.

Then we must give a series of tips to read correctly and, in this way, avoid sight fatigue.As with muscles, exercising (reading) can become fatiguing. To reduce this fatigue, you have to read it properly. The recommendations we usually make are: read at a suitable distance (do not put the book too close or too far away but between 30-40 cm), take periodic breaks every hour or hour and a half looking away so that the muscles that it helps us to focus closely on resting and having an illumination that is neither too intense nor too light and that does not shine on the screen.

- Why should we rest every hour?

We must take periodic breaks (even if they are not so strict) because inside the eye there are muscles that have to make an effort to focus closely. When we strain with these muscles for a long time, they get tired and they start to bother us. Therefore, if we let these muscles relax for a while, reading will be much more comfortable.

We have to keep an adequate distance from the eyes to the book and you raised us between 30 and 40 centimeters.

Approximately that would be the adequate distance for the reading to be comfortable.

What are the most frequent symptoms of eye fatigue?

The most frequent symptoms are: stinging, redness when we have been making a close effort, headache, blurred vision, tiredness of the eyes, itching etc.

Why do we blink?

We blink because the eye needs moisture and, when we blink, we permanently spread tears over the ocular surface. When we do not extend the tear well and blink less because we are forcing the vision, the eye tends to dry up.

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