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Write your Own Adventure…

Viewifi is the place where adventurers gather to read their favourite adventure books. With its premium collection of books on the genre, you are guaranteed to find your favourite too!

Adventure novels can cover a wide range of era and subject, from westerns to swashbuckling pirate stories to Tolkienesque fantasy to Indiana Jones. Their common bond is an epic scope, an emphasis on exciting action, and a desire to transport the reader to a faraway time or place. If you’re looking to begin with your own adventure novel, here are a few tips for you.

- Be Convincing
The first step to writing any adventure novel is to focus on the setting: the time period, characters matching their era, and such details should be a priority for you.

- The Hero (protagonist)
Every adventure story needs a hero. The hero’s character should be well-developed. And to highlight your hero, give him/her a signature move. The hero is linked with the plot, after all, he/she is the one who will untangle the plot.

- The Side-kick
Adventure stories are no fun if the hero goes solo, that's why you must create a sidekick (usually a leading lady, a child, etc.) Is your sidekick loyal or is he a traitor? Is he/she male or female? That’s the fun of having a side-kick, you can play with its character as much as you want.

- Avoid Stereotypes
Keep the clichés at bay. There is a reason why they are called clichés in the first place. It is because they are fixed in the mindset of the audience. If your story builds up as any other story would, your book will easily get type-casted as a boring book irrespective of how much drama and adventure it oozes. Readers like something unique, so why not give it to them!

- Climax is Important
So you’ve got a solid storyline and charismatic personalities to play key roles. But, what next? The herculean task of writing the ultimate adventure novel lies in the climax. A climax is not the perfect ending of a story. It is the conclusion – the consequence of all that has happened in your story, blended with the perfect proportions of practicality and what your readers are expecting. Keep them at the edge of their seats and give them the jitters with a phenomenal ending which will leave them spellbound.

- Make it a Story
When you're done with the drafts, you must arrange your events and start to polish your adventure story's details. And don’t forget to give it a good title. Since your adventure story is already done, write its title! It must be connected to your story and it must be inviting to your listeners.

- Check and Recheck
Read your story with an unbiased perspective first. Once that’s done, ask others to read it for you and take their feedback into consideration.

On Viewifi, you can get access to a variety of adventure novels that will entertain you. No commitments. Unlimited access.

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