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Coolest Gadgets Ever

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We all agree that gadgets are just plain useful in our everyday routine. And who doesnít love playing with new gadgets. There isnít any dearth of gadgets; in fact, the sheer number of gadgets available these days is more than anyone can keep up with. So, to help you out, here is a list of some cool gadgets that are definitely useful. And to know more about technology, visit Viewired.

- EverRatchet: Keychain tool
Itís always handy to have a ratchet in your pocket. The EverRatchet keeps you well equipped; with its 1/4″ ratchet, fire flint, scraper, 7 wrenches, bottle & box opener and more all in one tool. Perfect for throwing on your keychain and being prepared for any situation that comes your way.

- Oculus Go: VR without a phone or computer
A VR headset for anyone. No need to put your phone in it or have a huge gaming computer to power it. The Oculus Go functions wirelessly with built in hardware.

- Pop out wall outlet
Level up your wall outlets with this pop out wall outlet which will hide your outlets until you want to use them. Just give it a push and the outlet will pop out of the wall. Itís also great if you have an outlet behind the couch and want your cords to be sideways.

- Mug warmer
Now you donít have to worry about your tea/coffee going cold while youíre too busy to drink it. The mug warmer is small, portable, and extremely useful.

- Cross Peerless TrackR, ballpoint pen
The Cross Peerless TrackR pen is a beautifully designed and superbly crafted writing instrument with a built-in Bluetooth tracker. Powered by TrackR technology, the pen will connect to your smartphone and send you notifications when you leave it behind.

- Hyperkin Ultra Game Boy
The Ultra Game Boy is an enhanced recreation of Nintendo's original, encased in a durable aluminum shell. The buttons have the clickier feel of Nintendo's second portable revision, and everything is in just the right place. It even plays the same game cartridges as the original.

- LíOrťal UV Sense
LíOrťalís UV Sense is a tiny sensor capable of detecting ultraviolet exposure thatís small enough to wear comfortably on your fingernail. The sensor itself is battery-free and includes an NFC antenna, a temperature sensor, and a UV sensor.

- Honda 3E Robotics Concept
Hondaís new concept robots may be just as cute as they are useful. At CES, the company showcased its 3E Robotics concept, which includes several robot companions all designed to serve different functions.

- The Bad Breathometer
Breathometer is a high-tech tool which can measure how healthy your mouth is. Our mouths are exposed to so many new experiences every day. Some of that might bring harmful bacteria, which can settle down in our mouths.

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