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Get high in Mystery with Plotive

If you are someone who is on the constant lookout for mystery stories and novels then plotive is the site that is going to be your one stop destination. This online reading forum brings to you the best of mysterious fiction, all in one place. The content available here is compatible with every electronic device that has an active internet connection. This means that you can access to your books on plotive anytime you want. Moreover, the content library of the site gets updated on a regular basis to make sure that you never miss out on your favorite fiction. You can take a free tour of the site and then subscribe to it by paying a meagre amount of money. In case you face any kind s of problem related to your subscription or if you face issues while browsing your books then you can always contact the support team of the site who are always available to help you out. Besides books, you will also find a huge collection of audio books and music here. The audio books will ensure that your enjoying stories donít stop even when your eyes are tires. With the audio books, you can simply plug in your earphones and enjoy a good book while relaxing.

You will find Yeats is Dead: A Mystery by 15 Irish Writers on plotive. As the name suggests the book contains mystery stories written by 15 different Irish writers. The list of writers include names like Roddy Doyle, Tom Humphries, Gene Kerrigan, Conor McPherson, Pauline McLynn, Frank McCourt, Owen OíNeill, Joseph OíConnor to name a few. The book will give you a rollercoaster ride into the Irish literature where the most prominent authors of the Nation have untied to present stories of lust and mystery.

You can then move on to Maybe by Brent Runyon. The book gives you a wrenching and raw tell of a boy of 16 years who is on the edge of a break down. Going through the book will give you an insight into the character of the boy who needs to understand his own feelings and wants to make himself heard. Give it a read if you have been looking for a tale of love and anger and loss and death.

You will also find books like The Double, Strange Happenings, Dear Daughter, and Time Windows on plotive to name a few. The Double by Richard Ayoade and Avi Korine will give you a chilling read. The book, inspired from the novella of Dostoyevsky that goes by the same name portrays the horror of the timid and clumsy hero Simon when James comes into his life. James is shown to be Simoní exact body double with a complete different attitude. He is charming, confident and good with women and slowly as the story progress Simon is found to discover with horror that James slowly taking over his life. If you like to read fictions based on the themes of doubles then this book will provide a good read to you.

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