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ebook websites are the source through which a reader will get his/her favorite books in the electronic format, so these e-book websites upload the different genre books on their online store to make the readers move on with the reading. Drama is also one genre which was mostly liked by all the types of readers around the globe as these stories always come with the twist and turn in-between every phase of the story. ebook websites with drama based contents are available for the readers in large number on the online but to choose the best website among all is the toughest challenger for every reader. Clever readers hire Dramawiz e-book website to read their favorite drama contents as they know this is one among the online ebook website which provides only the best author publications for the readers to enjoy on their online library.

This Dramawiz website so far has thousands of registered members on their online e-book store, but still every reader has the fast-moving pages on their devices at the time of reading. This clearly shows every reader will get the fastest server to access the ebookS available on the online library and because of this reader do not want to wait for a long time to load the pages on the ebookS which helps them to read and navigate page to page quickly. According to the membership plan readers choose on the subscription plan, readers will get the time to stay on the website to continue their reading. Almost all the internet supported devices will connect with this Dramawiz website so every reader can enjoy the dramatic content all day on their favorite devices without the excellent user interface.

- A dramatically moving story about the hackers:

Among the different ebookS available on the Dramawiz online library, Edmundo Paz Soldan's book "Turing's Delirium" is one of the finest drama content each reader need to go through on the website. Edmundo is a writer who works in the Cornell University as the professor of Latin American literature, and he also worked as a columnist in media for The New York Times. He becomes the successful writer on the 90's and won the Erich Guttentag prize for his first novel Dias de Papel. From there, his life changed in quick time, and he proved himself in front of the crowd he is one of the best writers when it comes to dramatic novels.

His book "Turing's Delirium" is all about the veteran crypt-analyst and the total book deals with the hacking and codes. A lot of codes and technologies were discussed in this book and more than drama readers will surely enjoy the flow of the story with new technologies. A secret government organization which is known as the Black Chamber in which a girl is a codebreaker used to hack the codes who work against the governmental schema. How the hackers play their natural game to hack the codes and how the director of the Black chamber uses the number theory to reverse hack will keep the readers remain on the edge of the seats. The most important thing every reader need to remind here is, do not skip the pages at the time of your reading. If you do so, you will not understand the drama from where you start at a random page.

- Conclusion:

If a reader loves dramatic content a lot and in search for an ebook website to continue the reading, then surely Dramawiz is the right choice for him/her in all aspects. Quality of this e-book can never be expressed in words as there are so many exciting features are available for every reader, and they can explore everything on the go after they become the prime member of the site.

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