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1010 Genome’s Inclusive List of Sequencing Services Garners Attention

1010 Genome of San Diego rises to popularity as one of the best laboratories in the city to offer comprehensive high-quality sequencing services.

San Diego, California:

Next Generation Sequencing has made a break-through in medical science by opening the avenue of pre-emptive solutions that target to treat and prevent conditions at an early stage. Supporting doctors and researchers in their genomic sequencing methods are companies like the 1010 Genome that brings robust and affordable services. The company in business for some years now enables the researchers and clinicians to avail these sophisticated devices of disease identification and prevention at a reasonable expense.

The company initially started offering sequencing and bioinformatics data analysis services that include genome sequencing, exome sequencing and such. Presently the list has grown in length and content. As of today, 1010 Genome has one of the most inclusive list of genome sequencing service that include metagenomic analysis and nanopore sequencing. Offering fast and accurate results with the help of an A-rate team and a high-end infrastructure, the company is fast accruing attention by its inclusiveness of solutions. A quick look through its current services is tell-tell of the robust infrastructure it has in place. Both precise and affordable, this sequencing company is one of the best in the business.

The next-generation sequencing services are numerous at this point. In that, it offers services for all kinds of platforms namely Ion Torrent, Illumina, Sanger and PacBio. Under whole genome sequencing, 1010 Genome offers a comprehensive mapping of the complete genome structure of an individual. Under it, the company offers all kinds of data starting from genetic variation to mutation, genetic assemblies to biomarkers and more. With the help of low-priced services, the laboratory has been able to bring to the people great services with accurate results and frugal prices.

Next in line the whole exome sequencing in which its in-house experts work with the data gathered during the process to identify CNV, SNPs, INDELS in addition to other variants of structure. Transcriptomics too make an important segment of its portfolio. RNA Sequencing and Gene expression are two other important services in which the genes that are differently expressed are identified, transcript assembly generated and alternate splicing events are studied across samples. Making use of bioinformatics pipelines, these studies are made with precision. Quick and accurate results are delivered in the end of all projects.

Other services include genome assembly, genome annotation, 16s rRNA sequencing, structural variation analysis, shotgun metagenomics and bioinformatics services. 1010 Genome also works on microbiome projects for other companies that it serves as an outsource partner for.

For all its individual and business clients, the company offers both consultation and sequencing services. The company can be contacted both at its sequencing facility as well as online.

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