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Pirfly Which is better, read printed or electronic books?

Since the development of electronic books in particular, and of the various formats of digital reading in general, countless articles have been published to highlight the advantages and weaknesses of each of these systems about the other.

The paper book, for its part, preserves the magic of physical experience: designs, colors, textures, smells and many memories associated with the volumes, that is, the aura of the single object. There is also the certainty that it will never fail when it is needed: there will be no dead batteries, incompatibility between formats and files, nor the obligation to buy a new device when the old one does not give more than itself.

However, not everything goes through simple tastes or conveniences. Unlike music- a place in which, beyond nuances in the quality of sound, in essence, it is the same to hear a song coming from a vinyl record, a tape, a CD or an mp3 file, the reading of a text printed on paper seems to have different effects than if it is done from a screen.

- "See" and "feel" the printed text

Many digital devices have a feature that is a double-edged sword: hypertext. It can be a significant advantage to access information related to what is being read, to understand it better, from a dictionary to articles, videos, and other data. But it is also a way towards multitasking, that is, attending to several things at once, which usually results in distraction and low concentration. 67% of students said they felt that digital media promoted multiple activities while they read, while only 41% experienced that feeling when reading from paper.

The nature of the web as a mode that has integrated virtually everyone else makes it a site for different uses, including commerce, communication, games and, of course, news. Since print newspapers, on the other hand, have always been dedicated to reporting, when they access that medium, readers assume the "predetermined attitudes" they carry.

- In the future, digital natives will say

In any case, we must have in mind that this is still the first stage of digital reading and, above all, of electronic books. It remains to be seen what happens unexpectedly in the future: if for the digital natives- the children of today, who from the beginning of their lives are familiar with these screens. It is important to lose the physical experience of the paper books, and if they can shape their mental maps from texts in digital format, without the need for physical volume. Future studies and, above all, the experience of readers will answer.

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