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Immediate First Aid Before Considering Non-invasive Knee Injury Treatment

If you are suffering from knee or any sports injury and wish to get back to your normal routine quickly without surgery, QC Kinetix promises an effective non-invasive knee injury treatment.

Every sport has its own set of risks and based on the activity, you may sustain a strain, sprain, over-use joint pain, ligament tear or concussion. Surgery is not the only option when it comes to sports injuries. Nearly 90% of the sports injuries do not need surgical treatment. With modification of activities, medications, focused rehabilitation and regenerative therapies, QC Kinetix helps people and sportsperson quickly return to their normal routines.

- Prevent a Knee Injury

Imagine you have knees that do not bend or lack the stability to support and lock your body. Without properly working knees, living a normal life becomes difficult. Therefore, it is better to take preventive measures to reduce pressure or stress on your knees than recuperating from an injury as some injuries may take longer to heal and cause a lot of pain.

- Treat a Knee Injury

Sports, such as squash, skiing and football, are major causes of knee injury. Any activity that needs quick direction change or transformation of body weight within the limbs often results in sprain, tear or even fracture. Falling is another trauma to your knees and other accidents such as hit by a vehicle can also damage knees.

In the most unfortunate situations where you have a knee injury, what should be your first step towards knee injury treatment before visiting a doctor? Yes, applying an ice pack to the injured area for 10 to 30 minutes is the optimal way of protecting the knee from any further injury. You can make an ice pack by placing ice cubes in some plastic bag and wrapping it in a towel. The ice should reduce pain and inflammation, but do not leave it for a long time as it can burn. Physicians recommend applying ice every few hours for the first two or three days.

Now, you can apply compression bandage as it helps reduce swelling and support the knee joint making it comfortable. Make sure that pressure is such that it doesn’t cause pain or limit blood flow to the injured area. Find a chair or stool, place a pillow or cushion on it and elevate the damaged knee. Ensure that your knee is placed above your heart. For instance, lie on sofa or bed and place your foot on some pillow.

In case of a knee injuries, do not apply heat for a few days and avoid alcohols as it could impede healing. Avoid any exercise that may aggravate or damage the affected area and avoid massaging the injured knee. However, light massage after a few days might give a soothing effect.

If the problem persists and the pain is severe for a long time, contacting a knee specialist would be a better option. QC Kinetix provides effective, safe and minimally invasive knee injury treatment that enables your body to heal quickly while minimizing pain.

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