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Explanatory notes on audiobooks

Audiobooks unabridged or intact are readings of a book word by word, while abridged or abridged audiobooks have the abbreviated text.

In the Anglo-Saxon world (and increasingly in the Hispanic sphere) audiobooks enjoy great diffusion. These are recordings spoken (or read automatically by computer programs) of existing books, or books created expressly to be disseminated in that audible format. They are usually on digital media (CDs, DVDs etc.) or can be downloaded directly from the Internet, in formats such as mp3, which makes them suitable for any device: PC, mobile, mp3 player, etc.

Some audiobooks have completely dramatized versions of the printed book, sometimes with a group of actors, music, and sound effects.

The popularity of portable audio players such as the iPod has made audiobooks more accessible, which has produced a boom in the creation of free audiobooks that take public domain work and use volunteers to read them.

Most of the new titles of main editors are available in audiobook format simultaneously with the publication of the hardcover edition. There are approximately 25,000 current titles on cassette, CD, or in download format.

What advantages do audiobooks offer?

There are multiple occasions in which an audiobook will allow us to obtain all the benefits of reading without physically reading the book.

For example, a blind or visually impaired person can access knowledge of books by listening. Or someone with physical limitations that prevent you from properly holding and reading a book. Also a person who works driving can listen to his novels or favorite stories while he works. Or someone who can listen to an mp3 player working and want to enjoy one book at a time.

In short, audiobooks are a very easy to use instrument with which to always have our favorite books on hand.

But in addition to the advantages of being able to enjoy literature without reading it directly, we must emphasize that audiobooks are very easy to obtain. Just a download through the Internet and we can have the file with the narration, which will allow us to move it to any device for use. In addition, reproductions can be advanced or retracted with ease. We can have access to literature wherever and whenever we want.

In addition, currently the audiobook funds are huge and growing every day, there are many titles available, all subjects and possible subjects: psychology, self-help, languages, medicine, philosophy, computer science, novel, science, law etc.

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