Released: on June 26, 2018

R&E American Properties Buys 100 Homes in Just One Year

Houston, Texas, Real estate investment company, R&E American Properties, announced that it has purchase the highest number of home in any one year, having bought a milestone 100 homes over the past one year. The company believes that if it continues at this pace, it will be able to buy 75-100 homes per year going forward.

R&E American Properties, LLC deals in acquisitions, leasing and sales of residential and commercial properties in Houston, an area known for its strong real estate market. The company first locates residential and commercial properties in prime locations of Houston. Following which, they conduct a thorough inspection to provide a fair asking price for the property. Following the devastation caused by Hurricane Harvey in 2017, the company has also helped residents of Houston sell their damaged properties for the best possible price.

If the company finds a property that meets their criteria, regardless of the home’s dwelling conditions, they make a purchase offer within 24 hours. After the company buys the property, they undertake complete restoration and refurbishment before leasing or selling it.

Nathan Evans, owner of R&E American Properties, started his business as Evans Properties in 1998 by purchasing homes in Tennessee. Till 2008, he managed to buy and then sell more than 300 properties in the state. Later, Evans moved to Texas and decided to invest in the Houston real estate market through R&E American Properties. His aim was to purchase 300 properties within the first 3-5 years and flip them.

Nathan Evans stated, “We have purchased many homes here in Houston and the homeowners tell me we are the most fair and offer them the best deal when purchasing their home. I love buying homes that need repairs and make them look better than ever before we sell them.”

Not just Evans, but other members of his team, such as Christine Bock and Daniel Rivas also expressed their passion for their work. Christine Bock said, “I love being involved in the picking of the home finishes and making them look beautiful,” while Daniel Rivas added, “I am impressed by the homes we are purchasing and I enjoy working on them. We are buying nice homes in premium locations and it will make it easier to sell them when repairs are complete.”

Over the years, the company has managed to become one of the leading property buyers int he state, offering the best price for real estate, outbidding their competitors and paying the home seller in cash.

Currently, the ROI on rental properties is pretty good in Houston. The company is taking strong steps to build a residential and commercial real estate portfolio by adding newly renovated properties to offer its clients at the best rental rates.

About R&E American Properties: R & E American Properties, LLC, is a real estate company that deals in residential and commercial properties. They constantly look for properties that need renovation and refurbishment, following which they can be sold at a profit. Nathan Evans, the owner of R&E American Properties, has been in the business for more than 30 years now. His team includes qualified and experienced professionals who understand what every type of property needs most to make a good sale. The team’s expertise has helped the company build a robust portfolio of residential and commercial properties for sale and rent.

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