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One of the most effective tools of advertisement that will help in growing business is SMS marketing. There is more than 98% open rates with SMS campaign as they are read in less than 3 minutes from the time it's delivered. When compared to other forms of social media, SMS marketing makes it's an effective medium for marketing to reach your preferred audience and interact with them. In India, there are two types of SMS for business marketing. One is the Bulk SMS and the other is Transactional SMS and Promotional SMS.

While Bulk SMS services are used for the sole purpose of advertisement, the other two have a different route-they have different target and goals. The two SMS gateway have their own distinct characteristics and are used in a reliable and cost-effective way. Transactional and promotional SMS altogether target a different audience. Transactional SMS avails to those who have voluntarily participated in any campaign or are doing online transactions for purchasing things through website.

Traditional SMS:

- They are SMS send to the customers about the brand awareness or information based on payments, transactions and so on

- At VasudevSMS, a proper kind of template is offered as per the needs and requirements with proper norms and relations

- The messages are sent through DND numbers

- Urgent information can be delivered with bulk SMS service

- SMS can easily be sent with the API gateway that helps in integration of the software

Promotional SMS

- They are SMS sent for the purpose of effective marketing to get affordable solutions for marketing

- The process of DSN is used to generate the senderís ID

- Promotional SMS provides High priority SMS gateway and Normal Gateway facility

With this form of marketing, one can create the most engaging SMS marketing campaign. As a businessman or a company, processing a bulk campaign without any meaningful insights can bear a huge loss. However, with the Best transactional SMS Service, you can get all the essential features required to get an insight of business campaigns at a reasonable rate. It will bring unmatched visibility to your bulk SMS campaigns performance, and easily track and identify the SMS campaign and number that are delivered to the end user.

Here are a few advantages and functions of SMS marketing:

- It creates a perfect content for your customers. It will focus on making the right content according to the brand and the products where its send, evaluate, analyse and repeat the process.

- It knows the right time to reach your audience and decide the best day and time of the week to promote your campaign.

- One can get insight and detail understanding of your targeted demographics through reports on full insights like time of clicks, devices used etc.

So, rise above the simple local SMS to make Your Customer interested in your brands and products. You can get the Best Bulk SMS Services using VasudevSMS:

- Supports more than 15+ languages

- Option to schedule your SMS delivery

- Strategize your SMS in Groups

- Send SMS with attachments, short URLs, survey and more.

Unlike any other transactional SMS service provider, VasudevSMS can enhance your customer experience that is not delivered on time can cost you your potential customer. So, to enrich your customer experience, engagement and retention the deliver-ability and speed of the SMS play a vital role. They can speed all your campaigns with the robust infrastructure, top-notch operators, smart routing etc. They can guide you to automate such texts directly from your application or software by using our simple and easy APIs. So, invest in easy and smart marketing to get the reach the right audience with SMS marketing which will take your business to a success.

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