Released: on June 21, 2018

Platelet rich Plasma Therapy for Chronic Pain

Many of us neglect health issues, which later results in serious health conditions. Musculoskeletal problems have become a world-wide issue. People suffering from such issues consume a lot of painkillers and undergo painful surgeries, which fail to give them complete relief. The medical field has now witnessed a lot of latest modifications in the procedures that are used to treat pain, and one of them is Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy. The non-invasive regenerative therapy gives relief from problems like arthritis and ligament sprains and tears. The method involves deriving the substance from the patient's own blood. The substance contains cells that are useful in regenerating and repairing tissues.

- How does PRP therapy work?

- At an initial stage of the procedure, patient's blood is taken, which is then centrifuged.

- Centrifugation separates the platelets from other blood components.

- The process takes a minimum of 15 minutes. The plasma contains high concentration of platelets and growth factors that are higher than that found in patientís own blood.

- Final step calls for an injection of concentrated rich plasma into and around the point of injury, which strengthens the bodyís natural healing agent.

- X-rays are used to assure the safe and proper placement of the PRP at the affected site. In extreme cases, ultrasound guidance is used to inject PRP into the appropriate joint or ligament that is being targeted.

- The number of injections used for the treatment depends on patient's condition. Patients typically experience a significant reduction in pain after the first or second injection.

Platelets are rich in growth and healing factors which allows fast recovery. The method was made popular by the professional athletes and weekend warriors.

- Advantages of PRP therapy

- Since the therapy is noninvasive, it has proved to be one of the safest medical procedure in treating joint pain or knee pain.

- The procedure is cost-effective and is less aggressive than other methods.

- It can alleviate further degeneration of tissues and lessen the chances of arthritis.

- Patients can resume their work without going on long bed rests as the treatment requires less recovery time.

- Common conditions treated by PRP therapy:

- It is an ultimate solution to treat joint and pain injuries.

- It reduces inflammation and cures the problem of Osteoarthritis.

- The therapy also is a complete success in hair loss and anti-aging.

- Nerve injuries can be treated well with the help of this regenerative therapy that will assure you of permanent relief from these issues.

The therapy is not less than a boon for those who are constantly suffering from arthritis or having joint and knee pain. So, what are you waiting for? Connect with Regen America and get treated under the best doctors' guidance. You are just a call away.

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