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Organic Food Labels

How is organic food grown
Due to the onset of urbanization the fresh market source is disappearing and more of processed food is being utilized by the public. High increase in the consumption of dairy and poultry is also seen throughout the world. Due to such transitions in the diet several negative health implications are seen in in the public due to the presence of harmful components in food like pesticide, antibiotic residues and chemical fertilizers. The recent studies showed that genetically modified food have reported to increase obesity in the population. Due to increasing awareness and lifestyle changes people have now started opting for organic and homemade food and advice from nutritionists and dietitians. But due to the economics involved for the cultivation of organic food, it becomes difficult for the outreach of these foods.
Western diet and obesity
Organic food
Chemicals in food
Meat and cancer
Key Terms: Grapes nutrition, types of protein energy malnutrition, Mediterranean diet

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