Released: on May 30, 2018

Have Pain free Feet with Shapecrunch's 3D custom made Orthotic Insoles

Bangalore, Karnataka – Bengaluru, Karnataka - Healthcare is one of public relations biggest growth areas, generating over 15% of member firm’s revenues according to the recent Council data. Healthcare public relations covers a number of sectors, including biotech, pharmaceuticals, animal health, vaccines, medical technology, and healthcare providers. Shapecrunch, which makes 3D printed custom insoles for people with problems such as flat feet, plantar fasciitis, and diabetic foot, aims to reinvent orthotics and prosthetic with its technology in the field of Healthcare.

The idea of Shapecrunch was born around three years ago when one of the company’s Co-founders, Nitin Gandhi, who suffers from a flat foot, had difficulties getting a pair of custom orthotics. Shapecrunch aims to reinvent the whole process of making custom insoles by digitizing it. Using the Shapecrunch app, doctors take pictures of the foot and enter other details of the patient. Shapecrunch’s smart computer vision and machine learning algorithm convert it into 3D model, which is then 3D printed to make a precise insole and shipped to the patient.

The process is very simple, the consumers can scan their feet with the Shapecrunch app. The Shapecrunch app requires just three pictures of the foot along with person’s foot details, including pain areas, activity level, shoe size and type, and doctor’s prescription. People suffering from foot problems can also get their own custom insole, sitting at home via the Shapecrunch app.

“Our algorithm captures more than 1,000 points from feet and converts them into a 3D model”. After getting the 3D model from the algorithm, the insole is 3D printed and soft cushioning is added to it. Shapecrunch uses a flexible 3D printed material, Poron, for making insoles, and is designed for two shoe variants - sports, and dress or formal shoes.

"Shape Crunch understand that the mere solution to anguishing pain in the bottom of your feet is not asking you to rest or lay down. Of course, we don’t want to cut down on your efficiency. At best, we want to enhance it. We want to make sure you don’t fell heel pain when you are walking. We want to make sure you don’t suffer pain at the bottom of your feet. We want to make sure that you are the best of yourself. That is why our engineers have had this wonderful idea to relieve you of your heel pain with the help of biomechanics. With the help of biomechanics we have arrived at a solution that would not just ease the heel pain but would make your day to day life more comfortable" says Nitin Gandhi, CEO, and Shapecrunch

Shapecrunch mainly provides its foot scanning technology to clinics and healthcare experts like orthopedics, physiotherapists, chiropodist, and podiatrists who besides scanning, fill in the required information, such as the undergoing problem and prescription details, for their patients in the app.

What’s in store for doctors?
The company has tied up with healthcare professionals to expand their presence and allows doctors have a foot lab in their clinic.

Shapecrunch provides technology training to doctors, who can then set up their foot lab in less than $200. So far, over 30 clinics are using Shapecrunch technology.

Dr Abhishek Jain, Founder of Delhi Foot, says: “Shapecrunch allows us to provide full customisation and helps us solve problems, which can’t be solved with traditional methods.”

Plans for the future
Currently, Shapecrunch is backed by a team of 10 members and is in expansion mode. Nitin highlights that Shapecrunch insoles are being well received by consumers and they have received orders not only from India, but also from the US and Europe.

“With the current growth rate, we are hoping to get profitable this year,” he says.

During the starting days, for the first one-and-half year, the company focused on product and medical research with All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), Delhi, and also a received grant from BIRAC for clinical research with AIIMS.

Going ahead, Shapecrunch aims to reinvent orthotics and prosthetics with its technology. Currently, it is working on different categories of products in this space to suit the varied needs of users, especially diabetics, and runners.

“Radical and out-of-the-box innovation in healthcare can happen when you bring doctors, engineers, and designers together. Our strategy is very simple: to work with doctors to create life-changing products with our technology,” Nitin signs off.

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