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Link Building For SEO

A backlink is a simple text link that takes a visitor to your site. The more backlinks you have, the higher your site will be ranked by the major search engines and the more search traffic you will be able to receive. Ideally, you will need your links to be on pages which have a high PR.

A page rank is the way that Google rates the importance or usefulness of a site. You must focus on the quality of the link to the PR site instead of the quantity of the links. It is obviously better to have a couple of links on a high page-rank site which are related to your niche than a huge number of random links spread everywhere throughout the Internet. This is an awesome "set and forget" method for driving traffic. Once you set the link in place as long as it remains there it will drive traffic, in spite of the fact that you should definitely including more links on a weekly basis whenever possible.

The primary thing you do is to identify sites or directories which are related with your niche. Install a Google toolbar and it will give you the website page rank. Once you have found the site or directory simply submit your link to it following the guidelines that each site gives you. All the directories are fundamentally the same in their sign up forms. Simply click the button and you are finished.

You can likewise work with sites on a reciprocal agreement. Discover a site which again is related with yours and in a same niche. Email the site owner to introduce yourself and offer to put a link to their website on your site in exchange for them enabling you to put your link on their website. Set up a links page on your site and do this with as many individuals as possible.

Keep in mind the higher the PR rank on directories and blogs the better. Try not to spam random junk. Continuously give value to the sites, blogs and directories in your linking. Building links into your site is very different and although it is very time consuming at in the first place, it truly isn't that bad if you make it a weekly task.

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