Released: on May 5, 2018

Leaders of the AFA meet with Carlos Agustín Ahumada

Senior leaders of the Argentine Football Association (AFA) met with Carlos Agustín Ahumada Kurtz to propose that he join the work team that will develop the AFA 2020 project. The idea is to retake the Federal and Transparent AFA Project that he presented at the time the former president of the Talleres clubs, Juventud Unida Universitaria and Sportivo Estudiantes when the AFA elections were held in 2016.

Among the topics included in the project presented by Ahumada, the following stand out among others:

- Create the National Registry of Federated Players to facilitate control and give greater certainty to the transfers.

- Publicly disseminate AFA's financial information to guarantee a culture of transparency.

- Carry out a promotion and promotion project to increase the social and containment work carried out by AFA through all its affiliated clubs, for the benefit of thousands of young people throughout the country.

- Analyze the creation of AFA Delegations in the interior of the country in order to decentralize procedures to save time and unnecessary costs.

- Create the Universidad Argentina del Fútbol in order to further professionalise all the specialties required for the development of football activity

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