Released: on May 3, 2018

2nd International Conference on Advances and Innovative Trends in Chemistry

Unravel your expertise through EuroChemistry 2018

May 2nd, 2018:

Pulsus group proudly hosts the 2nd International Conference on Advances and Innovative Trends in Chemistry, the eccentric Chemistry Conference that discusses the New-fangled look of Chemistry in all fields. EuroChemistry 2018 will provide interactive sessions regarding the advancements in the field. and It also provides an opportunity to showcase your innovation in front of the world for the global recognition. The event would be held at Madrid, Spain from August 27-28,2018.

The conference is designed in such a way to meet global challenges. Consequently, the conference would bring together chemists, environmentalists, food scientists, educators, and scientists from other field to exchange ideas, discuss the role of chemistry research in national development, and to foster research collaborations. In addition, attendees will enjoy special events and lecturers featuring specialists and top scholars.

EuroChemistry 2018 brought together the International blend of people from all sorts of chemistry background, pharmaceutical, biotech & medical companies, business entrepreneurs, Research Scholars, R&D heads and decision makers, leading universities and research institutions making it the largest endeavor from Pulsus Group.

Conference Highlights:
300+ Participation (70 Industry: 30 Academia)
5+ Keynote Speakers
50+ Plenary Speakers
20+ Exhibitors
14 Innovative Educational Sessions
5+ Workshops
B2B Meetings
The Indian Chemical Industry is an integral hub that contributes to Indian economy that leads to give maximum profit of about 6.7 percent of Indian GDP and its been a blooming field, Chemicals have always been a catalyst not only for chemical reaction, but also for transformational change in society. The incremental change and global challenges are exponential. Chemistry inspires solutions, innovations for a sustainable future. The chemical industry has an important part to play in maintaining our growth and prosperity.

The choice of city as a venue for the event has been further validated by the fact that Europe is a hub for leading chemical companies, and a front-runner in chemistry research and development. And across industries from health, hygiene, construction and mobility to agriculture and energy supply chemicals are an essential ingredient, vital to a competitive business landscape, and an important part of the transition to a sustainable society.

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