Released: on April 22, 2018

Maximize Dryer Efficiency this Earth Day

very year on April 22 the world joins together to celebrate Earth Day in order to protect our environment. In honor of Earth Day, we would love for your readers to learn how something as simple as cleaning your dryer vent can make a positive impact on our environment.
Christian Hoehn, owner of Dryer Vent Wizard of NY Metro/North Jersey, the nation’s leader in dryer vent repair, cleaning and maintenance, shares the following tips to maximize your dryer’s efficiency:
1. Have a professional dryer vent cleaning – Over time, lint and debris can collect in your dryer vent, restricting airflow through the vent. Low air flow can cause your dryer to work less efficiently, higher utility bills, poor air quality in your home, and even, in the worst case, house fires.
2. Replace any vinyl, foil, PVC or plastic vents – Vents constructed of these materials can be flimsy and easily crushed and trap dust and debris, blocking airflow in the vent. To maximize your dryer vent efficiency and reduce fire risk, always use a metal dryer vent.
3. Don’t ignore signs your dryer isn’t properly working – Longer dry times may indicate a clogged or obstructed dryer vent. In order to maximize energy efficiency and prevent mold growth, have a professional inspect your dryer vent to determine the root of the problem.

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