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Finstrument - Services In Mutual Funds, Insurance, Loans.

Finstrument - A Unique Digital Platform for All Financial Needs
Finstrument is a unique website to address individual issues to get best financial instruments. Individuals can send a request to our registered service providers to buy identified financial instrument. All registered service providers are certified, experienced and highly rated financial advisors in your locality. You can use our services to buy financial instruments like life insurance, health insurance, general insurance, postal savings and mutual funds.

You can also approach us for loans and credit cards. Our service providers are happy to provide need-based financial instruments after analyzing your risk appetite and future goals. You can also approach us for the second opinion on your current investments and savings. Further to your request on this digital platform, identified professional will fix up an appointment for doorstep services. We Offer Our Services in India at present. Later on, we will spread our services.
The Story Behind Finstrument

As per the survey by Standard & Poor’s Financial Services, more than 75% of adults are financially illiterate in India. Since it is very difficult to change the present situation and financial illiteracy puts a burden on an individual in the form of higher cost of financial security and lesser prosperity, we have decided to offer Expert’s Advice to all individuals in India. An example of this is the fact that, most people resort to investing more in physical assets and short-term instruments. Lack of basic financial understanding leads to unproductive investment decisions.
Financial illiteracy forcing an individual to depend on search engines to take financial decisions. We believe that it’s time to bring individual efforts under one framework to ensure better outcomes. We brought experts, certified financial planners, Amfi registered advisers, certified insurance advisers on a single platform to offer their services to all individuals to invest in financial instruments.
This is a unique application of financial instruments. It is a platform to get expert advice and services to apply loans (personal loans, business loans and all variety of loans), credit cards and to buy financial instruments like mutual funds, life insurance, health insurance, general insurance, postal savings. All services are provided by certified, experienced and highly rated financial advisors located in your area. This mobile application has a tile based interface and allows you to select desired services. You can even have a financial portfolio. Financial calculators provided for ease of calculations.
Finstrument app and website is one stop solution for all financial instruments like the term plans, tax saving schemes, ULIPs, Endowment plans, health insurance, family floater plans, vehicle insurance, general insurance, fire insurance, SIPs, best mutual funds, sectorial funds, debt funds, gold loans, education loans, housing loans, mortgage loans at an affordable rate of interests, schemes for senior citizens, Financial Planning, and insurance claims.
You can select your requirement from our Google Android App. In Our Finstrument App, it is easy to choose your service and submit your requirement with hassle-free.
Steps to Follow:
• Download Finstrument App from Google Play store
• Open Finstrument App
• Choose your location and category as per your Required services like Loans, Mutual Funds, Life Insurance, Health Insurance, General Insurance, Cards, Postal saving schemes
• Here, you can select your choice also like in Loans you can go through with personal loans or car loans or business loans etc.
• choose banking service category like private bank or public bank or NBFC's then submit and go for next step
• select our Expert in next step and provide your validated details like email and phone number. Because here, you can get SMS alert when you select our Expert's Service.
• Enter OTP here and submit all your details correctly.
• Once your details has been submitted you can get a confirmation mail regarding Expert.
• He will come to your doorstep and he will give you complete service at free of cost, you no need to pay anything to him.
• Fix up an appointment without Expert and go for closure
"Let's End your confusion with our Expert's Solution"
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