Released: on April 7, 2018

Access Over 200,000 Menus Free On Sluurpy

Dining out makes life easier for most people who live active and busy. Dedicating extra time and effort to prepare delicious meals at home isnít very appealing to the younger crowd. It only makes sense because there are countless of restaurants in every country and city that offer delectable items on the menu.

Although preferring to dine in places that offer an excellent restaurant mený is a good treat, it is hardly a sustainable way to eat on a daily basis. Plus, the thought of always spending extra time looking at the mený dei ristoranti choices over and over again can get boring quick. Instead of wasting extra time checking out the menu in person, has made it possible to access over 200,000 menus from the best restaurants.

Users of Sluurpy can easily research and read up about a specific restaurant using their phone, tablets, and even laptops. It takes just a few clicks to compare the prices and offerings of similar Italian restaurants with a certain location. No need to waste time going through several websites when one platform provides all the necessary information.

Whatís more, isnít just a platform to search for a wide array of exquisite mený dei ristoranti, the app and the website offers users great choices for discount coupons. Another goal of Sluurpy is to bridge the gap between restaurateurs, local producers, and large chains. Using the platform, connections between several brands and their patrons inch closer to foster loyalty.

Aside from finding out about Men dei ristoranti, the platform can be used to book tables in advance and even ordering food from several of the restaurant mený choices available. Customers are also free to leave their reviews and experiences with different restaurants and brands for other users to read. Best of all, the information provided by the website and app are 100% free!

It is an all-access pass to unlimited information at a click of a button. The fact that there around hundreds of brands who are in partnership with Sluurpy only adds to the platformís credibility. It is also the go to app and website when seeking to authenticate any Italian brand found on grocery shelves and listed on a restaurantís menu. By using the information given, thereís no worry about buying a brand that isnít 100% Italian.

Since starting back in 2013, the platform has achieved so many milestones. In fact, back in 2017 in London, the brand was endorsed by ICE Agency as one of the participants for the Food Matters Live 2017, a wonderful event that honors all the start-ups within the food tech industry all over the world.

There is so much the platform can offer all of its users. For more information about the platform and its other uses, visit or check out Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter for posts about authentic Italian food that locals and visitors rave about. Make like a little easier and a lot more delicious by searching for Italian approved products, brands, menus, and restaurants!

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