Released: on May 18, 2017

Seeking Abortion Pills Online Is Safe and Effective, Says Research

Although aborting at home sounds dangerous and a bad idea, new research results have come forward with evidence stating that seeking abortion pills online to have an at-home pregnancy termination is perfectly safe.
As per the research published in British Medical Journal, the alternative for women to buy MTP abortion kit online is much favorable and better as well as effective compared to seeking illegal/ unsafe procedures or even traveling to seek termination of pregnancy.
What does the study state?
The study states that based on self-reported outcome information collected from 1000 women in the Republic and Northern Ireland, 95 per cent of women those who obtained abortive medication online had successfully ended their pregnancies.
Out of these, under 105 of women sought medical attention.
Abortion pills are one of the most effective way of terminating a pregnancy which has not matured past the initial 10 weeks, i.e. 70 days.
Researchers at the University of Texas, Austin with an international pro-choice institute analyzed the data offered by women who had sought abortion pills on online pharmacy in between 2010 and 2012. The abortive medication, Mifepristone and Misoprostol were sent to 1636 women on Island of Ireland during the two years.
Follow – Up Information
The follow up data was collected from 1158 women. Out of these, 1023 affirmed that they had taken the pills and the follow-up info was proffered by 1000 of these.
A total number of 542 of women were in their 30’s, 270 women were in their 20’s and about 184 were in their 40’s, whereas four were below 20 years of age.
Approx. 781 were below seven weeks pregnant and 2019 of them were in between seven to nine weeks of gestation age.
Totally, 94.7% of women reported successful termination of pregnancy without needing additional surgical intervention. About seven women [ 0.7%] accounted receiving blood transfusion, while 26 of them [2.6%] reported needing antibiotics.
No deaths were reported by friends, family or by media.
93% reported symptoms of which they were advised for beforehand [ as side-effects are common after medical abortion] out of which 87% did seek medical attention. Remaining five who did not report, did not account for any adverse effect.
No prosecutions reported
No known prosecutions were reported by this act; in fact, the Health products regulatory authority has commented that would not take legal action against any women who have sought abortion pills online for personal use.
Although the amount of pills seized by the customs, in post has decreased, it is understood that the medications are made available through alternative mediums.
According to the research, that the self- induced medical pregnancy termination by using online medicines can be highly effective and results compare very favorably with the in- clinic protocols.
The research publishers opined that the reported adverse events are very low. Due to information made readily available, women are able to self-identify any potential symptoms of complications and seek medical attention on time.
These results have an important implication for women world over, especially those living in areas where access to abortion is limited and restricted, he commented.

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