Released: on October 8, 2012

TurfnStuff Advise Consumers On The Best Moisture Levels For Firewood And How To Achieve Them

Arbroath, UK October 4th 2012–A wood burning stove and an open fire have one thing in common – a requirement for high quality and consistently burning wood. One of the most important factors in determining whether the wood a consumer buys will offer this reliability and quality is the moisture level that it provides. While some buyers have reported that they find it difficult to find a reliable source of wood with a consistent moisture level, it is possible, and it is also possible to test moisture levels at home.

Experimenting with firewood of different moisture levels can provide the buyer with the opportunity to find exactly the speed and quality of burn that they look for. Different applications may require a different burn speed too. Wood that has too high a moisture count may burn slowly, give off too much smoke, or may not burn at all in an open fire while wood that is too dry may burn too quickly.

Measuring the moisture level of wood and seasoning or drying the wood at home is one way in which consumers can elicit greater control over the quality of their firewood. This negates the need to have to rely on suppliers’ own figures, especially as a lot of consumers have complained that they have had to endure inaccurate figures and inconsistent moisture levels in the wood that they purchase.

TurfnStuff is an online firewood and log retailer providing nets of consistently good quality wood to buyers all over the UK. They publish a daily update of the moisture levels for their wood and consumers can rely on this figure as being an accurate measurement of the wood that they will receive.

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