Released: on October 8, 2012

TurfandStuff Offers Semi-Seasoned Larch Logs For Improved Moisture Content And Reliability

Arbroath, UK October 4th 2012 When it comes to fuelling an open fire or a fire burning stove, choosing the right fuel is important. Typically, this means buying firewood for use throughout the year. Buying in bulk can offer the consumer cost savings when compared to buying smaller bundles and buying what are known as semi-seasoned wood can also provide savings as well as a number of other benefits. The most important measurement from a burning point of view is the moisture content of the wood.

Typically, when a tree is cut, the wood will consist of around 45% water. This is considered too high for burning straight away as the majority of the heat generated from a fire will be used to evaporate the water content before burning the wood. The ideal moisture content for most applications is 20% and reaching this figure usually requires drying, or what used to be referred to as seasoning of the logs.

Semi-seasoned logs are supplied with between 25% and 30% moisture content and this level may prove adequate for some purposes. Alternatively, the wood can be further dried out by the consumer. Smaller piles of wood will dry out more evenly and quicker than large piles which makes home seasoned wood more efficient while also encouraging the consumer to track the wood moisture level themselves.

TurfandStuff is an online bulk supplier of firewood and they offer semi-seasoned larch logs to addresses throughout the UK and throughout the year. Their website offers a daily moisture reading for the wood and consumers are encouraged to buy a moisture meter so that they can home dry their own firewood down to the preferred level. Delivery typically takes around 3 to 5 working days.

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