Released: on August 30, 2012

Sales of Firewood from Turf and Stuff Stay Strong

England 24/08/2012- The inclement weather means sales of Firewood from Turf and Stuff have gone up rather than down

Normally, demand for firewood from Turf and Stuff would go down during the summer month. However, this year there has been far more summer demand than normal. When you consider the terrible weather people in the UK have suffered this is not really surprising. In some parts of the country, people have not had the opportunity to turn off their central heating systems. Clearly, this has led to them using far more fuel than they would normally and has led to them ordering an extra load of firewood.

In one way, this has been good news for the firm, but in another way it is been bad news. Turf and Stuff also sell gardening products such as topsoil, lawn conditioners, gravel and turf. When, in the winter, they are selling lots of firewood demand for these items is low. In the summer when demand for firewood is normally virtually non-existent, they use their staff and transport to distribute their summer products. It is a clever business model, which works well almost regardless of what the weather does.

Why buying firewood from Turf and Stuff is so popular

The company has had significant success with this business model. However, they have not simply stood and left the business as it is. They are always seeking to innovate and to offer something different to their customers. As a result, they are always looking for new products to sell, and that even includes new firewood products.

Turf and Stuff are one of the few firms who sell a wide range of different fire wood products. In total, they currently stock 12 different firewood products. The most popular products are still traditional firewood. Some of it is seasoned and can be burnt immediately. Some of it needs to be kept by the homeowner for several months before use because it is not seasoned wood. However, there is increasing demand for wood briquettes and pellets. Wood-burning boilers use these products and as they become more popular in the UK demand for briquettes and pellets is starting to grow.

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