Released: on June 19, 2012

American Fireworks from an American Fireworks Retailer - Jake's Fireworks

[13/06/2012]- Everybody in the USA loves fireworks, and one company is doing its best to ensure that it is easy for people to get their hands on fireworks that are both safe and well made and also spectacular. Jake's Fireworks provides fireworks wholesale for retailers, and also specialises in American made fireworks that are specially designed to help celebrations of all types and sizes go off with a bang.

Buying Fireworks in the USA
State laws around the sale of fireworks to the general public, and what classes as a consumer grade firework product, vary. It is important to check that you are within the law when planning any firework themed event, as in many cases you may be expected to apply for a permit to hold the event, even if you can buy the fireworks legally without one. Jake's Fireworks provide full details of the fireworks laws in each US state on their website, making it easy for consumers to stay informed and within the law when trying to enjoy their fireworks.

Jake's Fireworks have distribution centres serving nine US states, and retail locations where the general public can shop for fireworks in six states, comprising 250 total retail locations. This means that whether you are looking for wholesale fireworks for a major event or for your own retail establishment, or you are simply someone who would like to put together your own special fireworks display for a local event or family occasion, you can access Jake's Fireworks' world class range of pyrotechnic delights.

New 40,000 Square Foot Jake's Fireworks Megastore in Kentwood, Michigan
Since the 2012 change in the laws around the sale of fireworks in the state of Michigan, Jake's Fireworks have emerged as the biggest provider of consumer grade fireworks in the state. Just ahead of Memorial Day weekend, Jake's Fireworks invited the community of Kentwood, MI to the grand opening of their huge fireworks megastore, allowing them an opportunity to see, and, should they want to, buy, an incredible array of firework products. They are now available to wholesale and retail customers 7 days a week.

Jake's Fireworks
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