Released: on February 27, 2014

From Metallic Safes to Information Vaults

What is the first emotion we experience when we hear the slow clicks of a seemingly impenetrable metallic safe as it is slowly switched open? Excitement! The rush of adrenalin we feel when we see Bond successfully figuring out complex passwords to the safes of corrupt oil giants stems from our belief in the fundamental infallibility of vaults.

Vaults also inspire faith because they come with keys which means that you could ensure, to a certain extent, that no one was stealing the set of rubies you stored in the chest hidden beneath the floorboards of your bedroom. The silver smiths and carpenters of old merely capitalized on these emotions when they built humongous vaults for kings and pharaohs. Even the funeral industry has identified our affinity with metallic storage spaces with keys. For decades, they have thrived on the demand for burial vaults which proves that we love our metallic chests - even in death.

In contemporary times, as income inequalities and consequently, theft reach never-before-known heights, vaults have taken on a whole new meaning. Timely information can make or destroy political and corporate dynasties and therefore making sensitive data untraceable becomes a matter of life and death. Policy makers world-over have realized the importance of beefing up security in the aftermath of the panic that spread after National Security Agency (N.S.A) employee Edward Snowden leaked information regarding the activities of the American government.

Because information is the most precious treasure in contemporary times, we need modernized vaults to store it in with multiple, and at times conflicting features. They must be small but able to store endless information. They must be untraceable for our enemies but easily accessible for us. They must be sufficiently complex to ensure that the information doesn't fall into the wrong hands while at the same time being user friendly so we don't get stuck at the door while trying to get into our vault. Most importantly, we must also be able to make these magical chests disappear at will.

A number of technology companies now offer software that allow users to store information online in secure structures. Recently launched protective software, Data Protecto, offers all these essential services through its 'Digital Vaults' feature. This is a cloud software which allows the user to store endless information from anywhere in the world in addition to ensuring that it is accessible from everywhere. Additionally, companies like Deutsche TeleKom have introduced an internet service that encrypts emails sent over its network to prevent further security lapses like the N.S.A scandal.
Data protecto keeps you safe from digital demons. It keeps your information secure so you can rest easy as you go about living the good life.

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